·Is the Antichrist alive?
·What is the meaning of 666?
·When does the Millennium begin?
·Should prophecy be interpreted literally? 
·When did God stop His prophetic clock?
·How many "great tribulations" are there?
·What does the Bible predict about Rome?
·Who will be left behind when Jesus returns?
·Does God plan another temple in Jerusalem?
·Has Daniel's 70-weeks prophecy been fulfilled?
·Is the "Left Behind" scenario found in the Bible?
The 334 pages of Nobody Left Behind will help you explore major Bible prophecies in depth in language you can understand. Expect your views to be tested. Extensive Scripture and subject indexes will help you quickly find the verses and topics that interest you most. Fifteen pages of illustrations are included as well as quotations from ancient Jewish and Christian writers. Nobody Left Behind offers you a biblical, historical, and sensible Insight into "End-Time" Prophecies.
ISBN 0-9754596-0-0
Nobody Left Behind; Insight into "End-Time" Prophecies separates fact from fiction by looking at Bible prophecies in context. David Vaughn Elliott respectfully examines the prophetic viewpoint underlying the "Left Behind" series, clearly showing that many prophecies proclaimed as end-time prophecies have actually already been wonderfully fulfilled in history.
Here are some of the vital topics you will learn about in this thought-provoking book.