The Author and His Book

Nobody Left Behind: Insight into "End-Time" Prophecies can be traced back to the 1960s when David Vaughn Elliott began to study and teach Bible prophecy, especially Daniel and Revelation. Vaughn is the second son of George Mark and Kathryne Elliott and has been a non-denominational Bible believer from his youth. Vaughn graduated from the Cincinnati Bible Seminary with a Bachelor of Sacred Literature degree in 1953. He furthered his education at NY University, City College of NY, University of Cincinnati, Hunter College, and Abilene Christian College, in addition to continuous private in-depth study of the Bible.
While Nobody Left Behind is partly a reaction to the popular "Left Behind" novels, it is much more than that. It offers a detailed study of the historical fulfillment of some of the most exciting prophecies in Scripture: the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple in AD 70, the rise of Antichrist, and the arrival of God's kingdom on earth, among others.

Nobody Left Behind respectfully examines the claimed foundation of the "Left Behind" series. This "foundation" is a view of Bible prophecy called futurism, a view which teaches that the great bulk of Bible prophecies have not yet been fulfilled but rather are awaiting fulfillment any day now. Vaughn's critique is thus not just an examination of one set of novels but rather an examination of the entire view of Bible prophecy that underlies those novels.

Nobody Left Behind offers 334 pages of compelling biblical and historical evidence that various "end-time" prophecies have actually already been wonderfully fulfilled. This alternative view, commonly called the historical view or historicism, was the most popular view among Bible believers for several centuries before the twentieth century. But times have changed, and many Bible believers today are not even aware that the views set forth in the "Left Behind" series are relatively new.

If you desire a greater understanding of God's prophetic Word, Nobody Left Behind is for you. If you are looking for prophecy studies that are in depth yet easy to understand, Nobody Left Behind is your book of choice. If you want to find out if the "Left Behind" novels are true to the Bible, Nobody Left Behind will offer you the facts for making your decision. If you are seeking a book on Bible prophecy that will open your eyes to historical reality all the while enriching your faith, Nobody Left Behind: Insight into "End-Time" Prophecies is for you. 

Vaughn was ordained to the Christian ministry by the Hicksville, NY, church of Christ in 1953. In 1977 he was ordained as an evangelist to Central America by the Northboro, MA, church of Christ. During his fifty-year ministry, Vaughn established churches in New York City, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala. He taught college-level classes on Bible prophecy and other topics in New York City; Elmira, NY; and Minsk, Belarus.

In 1996 Vaughn wrote an article, "Why Study Prophecy?," for the quarterly The Sword and Staff. This was the first in a series about Bible prophecy that continued through 2002. During those years, the articles found their way into other periodicals, pamphlets, and websites. Several times requests came that he put his writings into book form. To accomplish this, he revised much of the older material and added whole chapters that had not previously appeared in print.
Vaughn was married to Margaret for 64 years. She went to be with Jesus Sept. 2015. He now has 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.