Unsolicited Comments

Unsolicited comments excerpted from personal letters.
In each case, the writer has granted permission to be quoted.

4/5/2007, Hubbard, Ohio
"I've used your book as a basis for a Ladies Bible School Class (ages 35 to 90) and have they ever had their eyes opened. Some came in after the original books were ordered and wanted them too, therefore, the reason for the add'l orders.  Keep up the wonderful work. As I read the Left Behind Series I loved the early ones, keeping in mind that they were novels, but the concept behind them did not jive with the other things that I had read in scripture or been taught from the pulpit. As you can guess, I was raised in an Independent Christian Church. Thanks again." -- Mabel Bancroft

3/26/2007, Charlotte, North Carolina
"By the way, as part of my introduction to Luke, to show that there would have been an expectant remnant in Israel, I went through the 70 weeks prophecy. I hope that I did it justice. But most were as amazed when I taught them as I was when I read your book and compared it to Daniel for the first time. So many today build their faith on "good feelings" but lack the knowledge of scripture to base it on. I can't tell you how awe-inspiring it was to compare your book to the Word, and to realize how specifically God had planned Jesus' anointing. Now that builds my faith!" -- Derek Wilkins

2/15/2007, Bowling Green, Kentucky
"I have just finished your book. I just wanted to thank you for your time and efforts in trying to help all who would understand the truth on what the Bible teaches on the last days. I am amazed at the many who believe the Futurism teaching. I think your book is well written, easy to understand and covers the subject clearly. Thanks again and God bless."
                                                                                                 -- Louis Herrington

9/29/06, Arroyo Grande, California
"And a big Agape' to you brother, I know the book is great. I borrowed a copy from a delightful elderly sister. After reading (scanning) the book I determined to have it for my own. So far I agree with all I have read. You use scripture quite correctly. Some authors proof text, but you, it seems, utilize supporting context quite correctly. Just love it."
                                                                                            -- Ray Cartwright

8/21/2006, Joplin, Missouri
"I am a teacher at Ozark Christian College and have recently purchased a copy of your book "Nobody Left Behind". I would like to use chap. 3 "Prophecy: Literal or Figurative?" as a handout in my fall semester class "Principles of Interpretation". Your discussion of the issues of interpretation regarding literal and figurative is the clearest I have run across." -- Stan Wohlenhaus

7/17/06, Alexandria, Virginia
"I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your book, "Nobody Left Behind". It cleared away lots of the fear and uncertainty I had in regards to End Time prophecy. Growing up, we were always taught that the "Left Behind" series, and Hal Lindsey were bogus doctrines, however, never have I been properly prepared to conduct a study of my own in the area of Prophecy. I almost wish that you would write tons more books, concentrating on each area of prophecy, such as the book of Jeremiah, and Isaiah, etc. You have instilled in me an attitude with which I can conduct further studies, and a framework to further build on. For that I am greatly in your debt." -- Scott Terry

1/28/2006, Elmira, New York
"I am going to use your book in my high school and college level class. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into writing this fine book." -- Jim Paul

1/2/06, Graniteville, South Carolina
"I have just completed reading 'Nobody Left Behind' for the first time (I plan to read it again--most likely many times). I must say I am nearly speechless. Having only 'dabbled' in prophecy to this point, but none the less intrigued by it, I suppose I found myself as a 'millennialist' of some flavor, perhaps more appropriately a non-descript futurist, based in no small part upon the doctrine passed on from various churches I have attended. Whatever the case, I have now begun what I am sure to be an in-depth study to satisfy myself, through the grace and mercy of God, on what Scripture actually teaches on the many subjects covered within your book. I expect that you have not missed the mark. I found that many of the conclusions that were given in your book cleared up many confusing particulars that I have never been able to satisfy with futurist views. I am wise enough to know that this is not necessarily an indication of truth, but an indication that I must 'study and show myself approved.'
"I thank you for your obvious labor of love in this book. I will continue to frequent this site [the 'Insight into Bible Prophecy' site] and hope to speak with you again. May God in His great mercy use you greatly for His glory."  -- Mike Wallace

8/28/05 & 9/2/05, Lansing, Michigan
"Thank you for a most excellent book! Sure makes end times things clear."
"I hope you sell millions of copies." -- Bob Hays

8/2005, Dansville, New York
"Read the book! Right on -- every page! You even didn't skirt the tough passages but nailed each. Seldom do I read a book where I agree with both the spirit, presentation, & content as much as I do with "Nobody Left Behind." You have done a great service to the Lord, His church & the many confused souls on the issues addressed. May God bless your ministry with much fruit for your labors." -- Ray Schuh

10/2004, Moberly, Missouri
"I REALLY do appreciate all your labors in preparing and publishing NLB! Your research and scholarship through the years are evident."  -- Lloyd Pelfrey

1/3/05, Whetstone, Arizona
"Thank you for writing such an excellent book. I had just finished reading Ralph Woodrow's book, 'Great Prophecies of the Bible,' when (...) recommended your book to me. Then to my surprise, you credited Woodrow in your acknowledgements. (...) asked me to add a link to your site on our church website (which I did). Just today I finished reading your book (which I had borrowed) and have now ordered my own copy from Amazon, plus an additional copy which Amazon is shipping to a friend of mine... Again, thanks for a job well done. I've already recommended your book on three different Internet forums."  -- Bev Parks

12/4/04, Sierra Vista, Arizona
"Just finished reading your book. I appreciated the effort you took to explain your logic. Last Sunday, one of the members at our congregation asked me if I had read the "Left Behind" books and what I thought.  She then added "the Bible doesn't say much about it." I told her that the Left Behind is just a novel, but told her I would preach a series of sermons starting next year. I intend to use a lot of material from your book... Thank you for writing this book."  -- Scott Dalrymple

10/25/04, Williamsburg, Virginia
"Just want to say that I started reading Vaughn's book and I couldn't put it down until a knock on my door interrupted my study... I shared Vaughn's book with Anna and we were especially interested in the discussion about different numbers, namely 666... Vaughn, you have done a good thing and I can see you have made a thorough study of the Scriptures and have written things down that ordinary people like me can understand."
                                                                                              -- Jessie McGinnis

2/12/05, Butler, Missouri
"Thought you might like to know that we have had a response, concerning your book, since placing it in the local library here in town. A woman called us on Thursday and wanted to know how she could get a copy of the book for herself. She indicated that she had read all the Tim LaHaye series and none of it made any sense to her being left more confused than satisfied. However, she indicated that when she checked your book out of the library everything began to make sense concerning the prophecies in the Bible. She so wanted a copy of her own so she could begin marking it up with a highlighter."
                                                                                        -- Bill McLaughlin

10/15/04, Chillicothe, Ohio
"Praise the Lord for a book well done and professionally printed. It is a real credit to our brotherhood that a book on this subject is available. I have already sent one copy to (...). He is a real student of the Word and I know that he will enjoy it." -- Rick Breidenbaugh

9/27/04, Southall, Middlesex, United Kingdom
"Your careful & Biblical study of prophecy is a welcome contribution. I hope & pray that the book will have the effect of many readers questioning & rejecting the rampant futurism of the present day."  -- Ian Day

10/28/04, Elmira, New York
"First of all, I want to thank you for writing your book.  (...) gave me a copy and I read it through in 2 sittings.  Since then I have gone back to read Revelation as part of my daily Bible reading (I have NEVER done that before - EVER).  But your book makes everything relatively simplified and sensible."  -- Carolyn Green

3/5/05, 3/6/05, Amherst, Texas
"Wanted to drop you a note on how much I have enjoyed reading 'Nobody Left Behind.' The book has really helped in understanding what Daniel really meant and it has helped out a great deal in my studies at (...) of Daniel & prophecy. I love this book so much I am trying to get more of your information out so more will buy 'Nobody Left Behind.' I think it is very important for people to get the truth instead of the garbage that is out there. I am wanting to make bumper stickers that will simply say 'NOBODY LEFT BEHIND' & under the title will be your website, I am in no way wanting to make money from this, we will in fact give these away to people that would be interested in displaying them... Thanks again for the book, it is a breath of fresh air."

"One of my classes as I have already told you is Daniel/Ezekiel. The instructor while teaching Daniel referred to Tim LaHaye's 'Charting the End Times' & 'Left Behind' pointing out the gross misinterpretation of premillennialist (futurist) views. Well, I asked him why no one had written a book refuting LaHaye's garbage... Well, (...) told me that someone actually had written a book very recently. He told me the name of the book, 'Nobody Left Behind'... I just know that your book was a great tool in writing a paper I had on the 70 weeks, it is very easy to understand & when I can afford it (preaching school students living on support do not have a lot of extra money) I plan on buying several copies to give out for Christmas presents or some other avenue. My personal crusade against Mr. LaHaye began when I received your book. I just think he has got to be stopped, if it is just one book at a time. Thanks to your efforts, Vaughn. This book has a real chance of making a big difference in peoples lives."  -- Alan Brott

12/19/04, Whetstone, Arizona
"We, my wife Donna, and I have really enjoyed your book!  It is so easily understood and plain.  We borrowed it from Scott and after reading it decided that we would like to have some copies to loan out also.  Thank you for your work in writing!"  -- Paul Dalrymple

5/7/05, Torrington, Wyoming
"Thanks Vaughn for the great book - much needed."  -- Gary Flom

4/7/05, Akron, Ohio
"Thank you so much for sending me your book. It is just great. You have done a very good job at making everything  so clear and biblical as well. I pray that your book will sell well. It must have taken you years to have been able to put it all together." -- Robert Jordan

5/20/05, Lisbon, Ohio
"I received your book 'Nobody Left Behind' from Brother (...) and I'm grateful to God that we finally have a reply to the false teaching out there. May Jesus continue to bless you in your life for Him."  -- Charles Baird

4/15/05, Wesley Chapel, Florida
"Got the book and almost finished. it's really great!  I have one slight difference with his 666. I'm sort of the opinion it's the up coming, false, of course, Jewish messiah... Please, tell David I'm not really trying to upstage him, the book is just so wonderfully provocative to a bible student who is not afraid to let God do the talking, instead of proof-texting!  Tell him, God will honor him for standing pat, like Timothy... Thanks for bringing my attention to this fine work!"  -- Curtis Morelock

10/19/04, Prairie, Texas
"Thank you for the book 'Nobody Left Behind'. It is a very good book. It sure puts Prophecy in perspective, and it was well written. Thanks to brother Elliott for a great book."  -- Jimmy Clark

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